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Our Mission

Through our spirited interpretation of the rich tradition of African-American Gospel music we are working to:

  • Break down racial, cultural and economic barriers in the St. Louis community
  • Model community and reconciliation
  • Perform to the highest musical standards to further a knowledge and appreciation of traditional spirituals and contemporary Gospel music
  • Be a gift to the entire community through regular public concerts and participation in community events

Our goal is to show diverse audiences how much they have in common: To get them singing; to get them talking; to increase their understanding of themselves and each other; and, most of all, to bring healing to a metropolitan area whose divisions still run deep.


Suzanne Palmer

Suzanne Palmer is the artistic director and conductor of Community Gospel Choir (CGC). Suzanne is a long-time educator with choral and band director certifications. 

Suzanne is the 2023 recipient of the Arts and Education Council Art Educator of the Year: Legacy Award. She has also been honored for her contributions to gospel music by the Gospel Music Workshop of American in 2023.

Under the leadership of Maestra Palmer, CGChas gained recognition as one of the premier choirs in St. Louis. The choir has a mission to collaborate and partner with social justice organizations, to break down walls of injustice and to build bridges that restore unity to our community.

“What really attracted me was the choir’s endeavor to bring races together concentrating on the genres of African-American spirituals and gospel music,” she says. I thought, “We should definitely focus on bringing God’s people together, bringing the Good News of Jesus. The choir can show through song an intentional outreach of love and respect for each other in good faith.”

“I am a black woman with a Catholic background with my heart deeply rooted in my culture and African-American heritage,” says Suzanne “I am able to bring my professional training to this choir and to bring my culture and musical diversity to its mission.”

As artistic director, Suzanne has introduced new and innovative ways of rehearsing and teaching the music. Those singers who join CGC-STL will learn music both by rote and reading music. Suzanne has taken the choir to new heights and continues to glorify God by filling the audiences with blessings bestowed through spiritual music.

Suzanne has brought many talented musicians to work with the choir. Our accompanist is concert pianist Cheryl Walker, and our gospel pianist is Dr. Wayne Evans.